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Complete Rug Cleaning & Protection by Melbourne Rug Wash

Rug cleaning is a vital component to the service we provide. But we also offer repair and protection for your rugs too. In fact, you can look on us as your true one-stop shop for complete rug care and protection.

Repairs can be problematic, and are therefore assessed on a case by case basis.  For example, we often see a rug matted through neglect brought in for a thorough clean. Upon liberating the fibres and reinvigorating the pile, some damage might become evident.

A recent case involved a rug upon which a heavy table had stood for many years. When cleaned, the positions where all 4 table legs had stood was obvious because they had worn patches through to the rug backing. In this instance, repairs were made to the customer's satisfaction.

Protection on the other hand is vital for the long term health of your rug. We offer 2 layers of protection which are very affordable. One being a Teflon® barrier protection against future stains, and the other includes a protective backing to the underside of the rug. This layer also serves as an anti-slip guard - which is great for floorboards or tiled floors. Please call to discuss our repair and protection options.