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Urine Treatment

Cleaning urine stains from your rug can be problematic for a variety of reasons.

Irrespective of whether the stains are animal or human in origin, all urine residue comprises 3 main elements. The sticky part is known as urea, the pigmented part is urochrome, and the last part is uric acid, which forms as a combination of crystals and salts.

The problem is there are many products on the market which will clean the stain and neutralise the odours from the first 2 parts, but leave the tricky 3rd part untouched. So when the rug is cleaned and dried the crystals lie dormant until moisture is present once more as a result of damp, humidity or steam cleaning, and the odour re-appears like an unwanted guest.

Upon an initial inspection, if urine stains on your rug have been highlighted, our unique 7 Step Rug Care Plan will eliminate this issue for you. Melbourne Rug Wash achieves this by carefully bathing and rolling your rug in a combination of specialised cleaning agents to ensure all 3 urine parts are gone for good. That way you can be sure your unwanted guest will not return.