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Melbourne Rugwash is a Melbourne based rug cleaning company who are experts in taking care of rug cleaning Prahran and the surrounding areas. Whether you have an antique rug that needs to be brought back to life or something of a family heirloom that dates back generations, our team of passionate experts can help you.

Industry Leading Rug Cleaning On Your Doorstep

You simply wont find a better rug cleaning service in Prahran than Melbourne Rug Wash.

No job is too big or too small for our team, and whether your rug is old or new doesn’t matter to us – we have the techniques and years of expertise behind us to ensure that your rug is deep cleaned to the highest professional standards.

Ready to have your rug freshly restored to it’s former glory?

7 Step Rug Cleaning Plan

Complete Rug Cleaning & Protection

Water Damage

Deodorising / Urine Treatment

Moth Treatment

Rug Padding / Backing

Hand Made Rug Repair

Stain Removal

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Our Unique 7 Step System

We have a unique 7 step system that we used with all of our rugs, starting with analysis. We need to make sure we know as much about your rug as possible and the required treatments so we can ensure the best possible result. With each step in our 7 step treatment process, we take our time, ensuring that the rugs of Prahan and the surrounding areas are perfectly clean, dried, and sent back to their owners looking clean and beautiful once more.

Using techniques such as vibration, pretreatments, pre-spraying, rotary shampoo, rinsing, and drying/dehumidifying, we make sure your rug is returned to you in a better condition than you could have hoped for. Don’t just take our word for it – get in touch with Melbourne Rugwash today to find out more about what we can do for you and arrange a consultation.

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Step 1Inspection & Analysis
Step 2Duster & Vibration Dirt Removal
Step 3Testing & Pre-Treatments
Step 4Pre-Spray
Step 5Rotary Shampoo
Step 6Rinsing
Step 7Drying and De-Humidifying
Read MoreSee each step in more detail.

We Do More Than

Just Clean Rugs

Find out more about our complete rug protection, rug pads and more!

Rug Cleaning Door to Door Service in Melbourne's Inner South

We love rug cleaning. We see them in all shapes and sizes, and all states of wear and condition. Rug cleaning is our specialty. At our rug cleaning Melbourne service, our job is to nurse them back to life by cleaning rugs with expert care, and allowing their fibres to breathe freely once more. It’s a real joy seeing a once matted and grimy rug freshly restored to it’s former glory. We like to think of this as our rug detox.

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