Terms & Conditions

Melbourne Rug Wash started in 1957. We have been members of the Australian Carpet / Rug Institute since 1985. We agree to clean your rugs to the best of our ability.

However, Melbourne Rug Wash does not accept responsibility for:

  • Removal of existing stains which have had attempted removal using bleaching agents and other commercial products
  • Removal of certain stains, spots and discolorations such as food and beverages containing high dye transfer capabilities such as red wine, coffee, tea, etc. 
  • Shrinking and/or buckling of rugs and carpets woven on a wool  base.
  • Separation of the primary and secondary backings of carpets and rugs where this method of construction has been used
  • Any pre-existing damage, stains, faults or defects
  • Insurance of goods whilst in transit or on the premises of Melbourne Rug Wash
  • Dye used to colour the fibres of the rug that has bled or run into other parts of the rug due to cleaning
  • Removal of pet urine odours and stains caused by ammonia, uric acid and salt in pet urine can permanently yellow or brown fibres which cannot always be removed. Although at Melbourne Rug Wash, we do our very best using the latest neutralizing and deodorizing treatments available, we cannot guarantee that all these pet problems will completely disappear. Urine Treatment is advisable for rugs which contain animal urine. If urine treatment is not elected, Melbourne Rug Wash will not be responsible for the end result if the rug still has an odour after washing. NOTE: This treatment is not a pet repellent it is a cleaning process only to assist in the removal of smells associated with pet urine.
  • All extra treatments required for pet urine odours and stains, moth treatment, rug protection, rug backing, anti bacterial treatment, drying of rugs  and wrapping in brown paper, will incur an extra charge for each process.
  • If two  people are required for the pick up and delivery of heavy/large rugs, an extra fee will apply.
  • If rugs are to be relayed back into position (including moving of furniture), an extra charge will apply based on time involved
  • Any pick ups or deliveries outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area will be subject to availability and will incur extra charges
  • Rayon, faux silk, bamboo silk, art sild, modal, lyocell, luxcelle, also known as Viscose do not respond well to water and any spills may look yellow and may be difficult to remove. Long pile shag rugs are recommended to be placed upside down on the floor occasionally to dislodge any loose material caught in the backing.


Payment Terms:COD

Master Card, Visa Card, Cash or Cheque on pick up from our factory. If pick up and delivery is involved, the client is to ensure that payment is organized at the time of delivery. Please call our office if you will not be home in order to make alternative arrangements at least the day before the rug is scheduled to be returned.

IMPORTANT: Rugs will be available for collection at the time specified by the operator. You will receive a text message on your mobile to remind you. It is usually one week from Thursday. If not collected within the time specified, you may incur storage charges of 2.5% of the value of the invoice to be payable each week until the rug is collected.