The Rug Restoration Process: What to Expect

Restoring a treasured rug back to its former glory takes time and careful attention. Here is an overview of what rug owners can anticipate when engaging a professional rug restoration service like Melbourne Rug Wash.

The first step is a comprehensive initial assessment of the rug’s condition. A trained technician will inspect the fibre quality, pattern, dyes and any damage signs like stains, tears or fading. This evaluation determines the extent of restoration needed.

Proper Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning methods like steam extraction or shampooing are used prior to repairs. This lifts ingrained dirt to revive colours and textures. For rugs with mould or odours, specialized deodorization may also be performed.

Repair Process

Common repairs include reweaving loose or cut loops and securing frayed edges. For rinse-water stains, dye experts can restore color if the damage is caught early. Specialized repairs may involve re-weaving large areas or colour matching for restoration.

Rug Restoration

Severe damage like moth eating or flood water requires advanced restoration techniques. From heat setting to reconstruct entire sections, specialists have the skills and tools to restore severely damaged rugs whenever possible.

Finishing Touches

The final cleaning removes any cleaning residue for a fresh scent. Brushing enlivens the pile while inspection checks for any missed damages or areas requiring touch-ups before completion.


With meticulous assessment, cleaning methods, repairs and restoration performed by skilled artisans, no two restoration projects are the same. Professional rug cleaning providers have the expertise to breathe new life into treasured rugs again. Melbourne Rug Wash delivers quality results for full restoration satisfaction.